Home insulation installation in Milwaukee

Tired of high energy bills, ice dams, high humidity, leaky windows and doors, and peeling paint? Are you ready to lower your energy costs, make your home super comfortable, and have one contractor help you do this?

Then, we are here to help!!! INTEC, Insulation Technologies is the insulation specialist in Milwaukee, providing energy-efficient insulation and house/attic improvement services to residential and commercial clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin. We provide a holistic home performance analysis, looking at all the factors that contribute to high home energy usage and propose a solution that reduces your energy consumption and improves the comfort inside your house. We serve homeowners in the Milwaukee area especially within 50 miles of our shop.

R-value/ Air infiltration Reduction
In the quest for home performance and energy efficiency through proper insulation, two of the main factors include R-value and air infiltration. R-value (thermal resistance) is the standard for measuring insulation performance or its ability to contain heat loss. Air infiltration is the uncontrolled leakage or loss of heat through exterior wall, ceiling, window, door, roof, vent and hidden openings and we commonly refer as bypasses.


INTEC provides a choice of insulation solutions dependent on your existing construction, budget and performance specifications. Intec offers cellulose, fiberglass, rockwool, and SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam) insulation-- open cell or closed cell foams—including water blown foams from Icynene. Our crews routinely investigate, locate, and eliminate bypasses with the use of infrared scanners and blower door tests. Your home will be expertly calibrated to heat and cool without retaining excessive moisture or trapping poisonous gases or pollutants. Even more importantly, damaging ice-dams can now be eliminated without using costly coils, risky cleaning methods, and potential loss of life.

Siding, Door and Window
The visionary concept of putting the complete range of Home Performance services under one roof has been the key to INTEC's growth now in its third decade.

Other services that we offer are sound conditioning, weatherization through replacement with energy efficient windows, doors and walls, spray foam wall insulation and other home and attic improvement services from siding installation, bathroom ventilation to related construction and repair services. The common thread that runs through every service that INTEC provides is the unsurpassed level of quality and professionalism that is exceeded only by the value that is obtained from the finished process.

We have a great capacity of professional contractors working in our business with a commitment to service and excellence. Our aim is to exceed our customer’s expectations and have their experience of working with us be unparalleled. Our work is not only technically and qualitatively superior to our competition but we are a company that makes a difference where we work.

Hundreds of satisfied customers over the decades look back and agree that, what seemed to be an expense at the time was soon realized as a sound investment in energy-efficient cost savings, with the added value of an increase in seasonal comfort that the home environment provided to their families.

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INTEC, Insulation Technologies is a member of the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA). Energy Star Me2 provides special financing and incentives for City of Milwaukee homeowners to complete home energy assessments and implement energy-efficiency upgrades. National Association of THE REMODELING INDUSTRY
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